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The healing journey takes diligence, like peeling layers from an onion. Doreen Virtue and Andrew Karpenko, MSW wrote Father Therapy to empower you to counsel your inner wounded child, so that you can deal with men as a healthy functioning adult. Many of us are still working on our father issues, and Father Therapy provides self-healing techniques designed to help you choose thriving, balanced relationships with the males in your life; open your heart to feeling safe receiving love; and reconnect with both divine feminine and masculine energies.

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Andrew Karpenko is a social worker who has worked within mental health, drug and alcohol and management areas since 2001. He blends intuition with his professional skills and knowledge to provide an integrated approach to overcoming and healing emotional wounds and issues.


An excerpt from Father Therapy:

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Healing your father wounds frees you from feelings of emptiness, neediness, and desperation for approval and love from men. Yet the healing journey requires patience, like peeling layers from an onion. Please have faith that this process is worth the emotions you’ll feel along the way—because it is! Father wounds can undermine your relationships with men. The moment a man reminds you of your father, your emotional triggers revert you into a small, powerless child. You give your power away to the man in an effort to win his affection or approval. You act in ways that bring about shame . . . and the cycle continues. Sometimes, your reaction to men could involve anger—even blind rage. You’re so angry about what your father did that you superimpose him onto every man you meet. This anger pushes men away and creates a distorted viewpoint. 

When you’re afraid of, or angry with, your father, you may also disconnect from God the Creator. While God holds both maternal and paternal qualities, it’s traditional to think of God with the male pronoun He. Those with father wounds often opt for gender-neutral terms such as Source, Universe, or Creator. Additionally, father wounds can push you away from developing a close relationship with Jesus, whom we both see as a much needed healing companion. We don’t espouse the guilt-based view of Jesus, but we definitely recommend developing a loving personal relationship with him. If you’ve had painful experiences with organized religion, we understand. Yet it’s illogical to distance yourself from God and Jesus because of the people in religion. Spirituality is a human need, which can be fulfilled by your heart being open to receiving the purest healing energy imaginable. By facing father wounds, you’re able to feel the pure and unconditional love of God, Jesus, and men who are healthy and openhearted. If you crave a truly intimate and functional relationship with a man, then you have additional incentives for taking this journey of healing with us.

Doreen recorded a brand-new Father Healing meditation just for YOU! Use this 11-minute meditation as often as needed to ground you and give you comfort. 

“Father Healing” meditation by Doreen Virtue

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Doreen Virtue holds B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees in counseling psychology, who specialized in treating eating disorders and addictions in out-patient and in-patient settings. Her work has focused upon spirituality and healthful living. Doreen has appeared on Oprah, The View, Good Morning America, CNN, and other programs; presents workshops around the world; and also has a weekly call-in talk show on®. 


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Emotional wounds from primary relationships, such as those with mothers and fathers, run very deep. If your childhood involved an absent, emotionally-distant, addicted, or abusive father, you may have these “emotional ghosts”:

how to heal your father issues so you can enjoy your life



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"Father wounds remain active within your psyche whether you acknowledge them or not. "

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about Father Therapy

  • Low self-esteem
  • People-pleasing, approval-seeking, neediness, and co-dependency
  • Wishing and praying that your dad would change into the father you believe he should be 
  • Feeling frequently angry, including repressed anger
  • Choosing romantic partners who remind you of your dad
  • Intimidation surrounding male authority figures
  • Perfectionism (trying to be the “perfect” student, daughter, wife, employee, and so on)
  • Feeling like there’s an emptiness within you that you can’t seem to fill

The more of these issues you relate to, the more your father wounds may be blocking your health, happiness, career, and relationships. Fortunately, having an awareness of these issues is the important first step toward healing. Facing your father wounds can free you from lingering feelings of emptiness and patterns of dysfunction with men—to pursue your passion and life purpose unfettered by the past.

One important note before you read further: If you are a father yourself, you will see aspects of your fathering in this book. If this triggers guilt or regret, keep reading so that you can release and heal these issues. No one is a “perfect father,” and there’s always room to learn and grow, practicing new parenting skills that you’ll undoubtedly receive from this book. Although this book is written predominantly for women, it was co-authored by a gay male. I (Andrew) will discuss the impact of father wounds on my life, as well as on other men and boys. If you are a male reading this, you will find that you can relate to much of what is discussed in the book. It will also help you to understand women in your life who may be struggling with these issues. The impact of father wounds on men and women is similar, and the healing methods used are applicable to both. The techniques are suitable for teenagers, also. Please talk to a counselor or therapist who specializes in trauma-related issues for further support.

For the men reading this book, I hope it supports your quest to heal from your father wound. The world needs more men who are in the process of healing to help bring up the next generation of healthy, balanced, loving children.

"Have compassion for yourself and your mistakes."

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