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The Courage to be Creative eBook

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Order 10 Messages Your Angels Want You To Know Today and Receive These Gifts Worth Over $250 for FREE!!

The Courage to be Creative Video Course: Finding You Creative Voice in Your Day to Day

Video Course

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In this course, Doreen Virtue, will guide you to getting in touch with your creative spirit. Whether it be finding a creative hobby, or building a business or career doing what you love, Doreen will show you how to open your flow of creative energy and stay focused with various exercises and meditations. Bring your creative ideas to fruition and make a living—and a contribution to others—through your creative career.   

Each chapter features practical exercises to lead readers to discover their natural talents as writers or artists and in other creative vocations or avocations. Doreen also includes summaries of fascinating psychological studies that demonstrate how to become a successful and satisfied creative individual. Filled with practical advice, scientific research on the creative process, and real-life stories, The Courage to Be Creative is a mainstream book with an inspirational flavor.

The Courage to be Creative eBook

Audio Download

$18 value

Angels are the bridge between Heaven and Earth. After all, the term angel means “messenger of God.” The angels can reach us and teach us, no matter how stressed, or afraid we are.

In this audiobook, you’ll hear 10 comforting and inspiring messages in the collective voice of God’s angels, who already know the questions in your heart.

Doreen Virtue Bundle

$23.99 value

10 Messages Your Angels Want You to Know

Angel Therapy Meditations

This calming audio download allows you to open up to the miraculous power of the angels.

Doreen Virtue leads you through a powerfully healing Angel Therapy session. You'll work with archangels to release old blocks and toxins; cut cords of fear; heal past-life issues; and gain confidence, courage, and clarity about your life's purpose and relationships.

$10.99 value

Audio Downloads

Messages from Your Angels is a sequel to the bestselling Angel Therapy. The angels, including Archangel Michael, provide healing messages that help readers to heal from emotional pain, find their life's purpose, understand their love life, and make decisions about important life areas.

$9.48 value

Messages from Your Angels: What Your Angels Want You to Know

About 10 Messages Your Angels Want You To Know

Angels have always visited us bringing messages of support, comfort, and salvation. In 10 Messages Your Angels Want You to Know, Doreen Virtue teaches you how to:

Doreen explains that 10 Messages Your Angels Want You to Know is written entirely in the voice of her guardian angels, who she's been listening to since childhood. You have guardian angels too. As you read this book, you’ll also hear messages from your own angels. No matter how stressed or afraid we may be, our angels can still reach us and teach us:

  • How to awaken from the nightmares of pain, suffering, victimhood, and other aspects of fear
  • Receive downloads of brilliant ideas and epiphanies, as well as practical ideas and guidance to help you in everyday life
  • A more detailed explanation of what free-will truly means
  • Why some prayers seem to be unanswered
  • The difference between “selfishness” and “selflessness”
  • The four levels of forgiveness
  • How angels help if you forget to ask God for guidance
  • The spiritual truth of abundance
  • The reality of lasting happiness

  • Recognize the voices of God’s true angels
  • Understand the signs angels send you
  • Trust and have faith in Divine direction
  • Choose the pathway of love and dissolve the pathway of fear
  • Remember the deservedness of God’s unconditional love for you

An excerpt from the book
10 Messages Your Angels Want You To Know

This is your moment of giving up the external search and realizing that this world holds nothing that will fulfill you in the same way that you remember Heaven’s fulfillment. There's a grieving process that occurs when you realize that you've wasted time chasing after futile goals that will never pay off. Sadness, and even a sense that your whole world is crashing down around you, can make you feel vulnerable and unsure of yourself. 

This process and these feelings are part of the undoing effect when you release the ego’s attachments to synthetic replacements for Heaven. The gaudy temple that was built to glorify the ego comes crashing down.

Facing this “dark night of the soul” and the accompanying heartbreak leads to the blessing of opening your heart to the true Source of lasting happiness and fulfillment. This is what surrender means: giving up the external search for happiness, and returning to relaxing in the comfortable folds of God's love.

“For most humans, there’s heartbreak when you realize that lasting and fulfilling happiness cannot be found externally. You could achieve the most perfect achievement, purchase the most perfect product, eat the most perfect meal, and get accolades from the whole world, and these externals still wouldn't lead to lasting happiness or fulfillment. 

Perhaps these externals offer brief moments of satisfaction, but they cannot last—nor can they be pieced together to create one long moment of happiness. You can enjoy a savory meal, which is far different from relying upon that meal to give you meaning and fulfillment. To do so will lead to addictively eating in order to attain the sense of satisfaction. The same holds true with other forms of addiction.

This is when you return to Heaven and your consciousness, while still having your earthly body and life. You dedicate the rest of your mortal life to selflessness, realizing that this is the only path that replicates the oneness and happiness of Heaven.

You still continue with the dream of living in a separated physical body; however, instead of expending your earthly resources upon futile pursuits, you devote yourself to meaningful and selfless service. By helping other people, animals, the environment, and so forth, you help yourself to feel fulfilled and truly happy. Spend that same amount of time, money, and energy that you would have used for a temporary pleasure for the lasting fulfillment of knowing that you contributed. And in giving, so do you always receive that which matters.”

About Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue is the author of Assertiveness for Earth Angels, The Healing Miracles of Archangel Raphael, The Loving Words From Jesus, Archangel Oracle Cards, among other works. Her products are available in most languages worldwide.

Doreen has appeared on Oprah, CNN, The View, and other television and radio programs; hosts a weekly call-in radio show on; offers online video courses; and writes a weekly column for Woman’s World magazine. Website:

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