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Thought Therapy for Healing the Hard Stuff

IYANLA Vanzant

“Anything and everything we experience is a function of what and how we think. If you do the work to change your thought patterns, your life will change accordingly.”

Iyanla Vanzant


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Healing the Hard Stuff: Lessons on Thought Therapy

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A Message from Iyanla:

There is a bright side here: Your mind is a powerful agent for change. Every thought we think is attached to a memory, and every memory is attached to a feeling. In order to change your life you must pay attention to what you are thinking, moment by moment. Challenge long-held thoughts and beliefs by choosing new thoughts that are positive, supportive and productive.

By offering you the Get Over It! process, it is my intention to support you in learning how to: 

  • Identify negative thoughts (awareness)
  • Challenge negative thoughts that cause self-destructive feelings (acknowledgment)
  • Replace negative thoughts with more positive ones (acceptance)
  • Modify dysfunctional, unproductive, or self-destructive behavior (action)

The way I will coach you through this thought therapy process is by offering you prayers and affirmations written specifically to neutralize your negative thought patterns and the emotional energy most often associated with those patters. 

The Get Over It! process is a deeply spiritual thought therapy that will deprogram and reprogram your mind, shifting your habitual thoughts and feelings in a way that supports your desire to "get over" anything and everything that may be holding you back.

How we think is more important than we give ourselves credit for. How we think determines our feelings and behavior, and how we behave determines the nature and quality of our lives.

In our era of technology-driven lifestyles and social media-based relationships, we have become more attached to our multiple external devices than we are to the power created by our own personal thoughts. The more attached we are to our devices, the more separated we are from our internal, intuitive light. We crave “friends” we have never actually met and virtual “likes” to demonstrate our popularity and acceptance.

Many are suffering from psychological, emotional, and spiritual torment they do not understand, cannot seem to shake, or are unable to move beyond. Others are suffering because of habitual behaviors that motivate reckless decision-making and poor choices, keeping them stuck in repetitive cycles of dysfunction and despair.

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Healing the Hard Stuff: Lessons on Thought Therapy

About Get Over It!

Start healing the hard stuff with Get Over It  today!

The Get Over It!  thought therapy process will help you transform the limitations, restrictions, resistance, and possible suffering you may be experiencing in your life. Doing the thought therapy work can be as simple and straightforward as taking your daily vitamins.

The work you are choosing to do to change your thoughts demands that you begin to pay attention to what you are thinking, moment by moment. It also requires that you challenge long-held thoughts and beliefs by choosing new thoughts that are positive, supportive, and productive. I understood that if I wanted to change the condition and experience of my life, I had to learn to pay attention to every thought and every feeling so that I could make different choices." Do you want me to remove the beginning about trials and errors?

Some would call this “cognitive behavioral therapy.” I call it thought therapy, i.e., “getting your mind right so that you can live better.” Long before I knew about or studied anything about the so-called therapeutic process commonly used in psychotherapy, I figured out that my mind was a powerful agent for change. It wasn’t professional or therapeutic—it was a personal necessity.


The Get Over It! process will teach you "thought therapy," a process that harnesses proven spiritual tools with the science of neuroplasticity. Using 42 prayers and affirmations, and complementary energy-clearing tools, this process is designed to neutralize and eliminate the unconscious, unproductive, soul-destroying dominant negative thought patterns (DNTPs), and get to the root cause of your personal suffering, allowing you to make life-affirming choices.

From welfare mother to New York Times best-selling author, from broken pieces to peace, Iyanla Vanzant is one of the nation’s most acclaimed spiritual life coaches. Host and producer of the breakout hit Iyanla: Fix My Life on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network, Iyanla Vanzant’s focus on faith, empowerment and loving relationships has inspired millions.

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